AI Art Generator Dreamy

Dive into your fantasy world

AI Art Generator Dreamy

Turn your dreams into captivating masterpieces thanks to the power of AI!


Unleash your imagination and creativity, the rest is on Dreamy: enter a prompt, select an art style and watch your dream come true within seconds.

Technologies: Xcode, Swift

Let your fantasy guide you while you explore new ideas and art styles.



Here’s how it works:

1. Describe any of your dreams you’d like to visualize: “Flower Fairy House”, “Ancient Temple”, “Astronaut Kitten”, or anything you could possibly imagine;

2. Choose the art style that suits your dream mood best: “Cinematic”, “Mystical”, “Cartoon” and many more.


You can create unlimited Avatars by uploading your photos in 3 simple steps.


Ready to create something amazing?

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