An interactive gamified experience for a best selling Amazon product!


A gamified experience for a best selling product!

Explore the island with your favorite characters from the viral, Cubcoats series. Play mini games and dress up your avatar for more physical rewards!

Technologies: Unity

Cubcoats is an innovative brand that has taken the world of children’s clothing by storm. They have brilliantly combined the magic of plush toys with functional clothing to create a delightful and practical product. Each Cubcoat is a cuddly stuffed animal that can magically transform into a cozy and stylish hoodie, making it the perfect companion for kids on all their adventures.


With a wide range of adorable characters and designs, Cubcoats sparks joy and imagination in children while providing parents with a clever and space-saving solution for their little ones. Whether it’s for playtime, naptime, or anytime in between, Cubcoats brings comfort, fun, and smiles to the lives of kids and families worldwide.


The unique concept of combining cuddly toys and clothing has not only made dressing up exciting but also encourages imaginative play, fostering a sense of companionship and creativity among young ones. Cubcoats has truly redefined children’s fashion, merging whimsy and functionality seamlessly, and captivating the hearts of both kids and parents alike.



Through innovative design and interactive technology, we have transformed Cubcoats into a captivating and gamified experience. Embarking on a virtual adventure, users are transported to an enchanting island where they can explore a world of wonders. They encounter thrilling challenges like “Dino Rush,” where they must navigate through prehistoric landscapes, overcoming obstacles and collecting treasures. Engaging puzzles test their problem-solving skills, unlocking hidden rewards and surprises.


Adding a personal touch, users can fully customize their characters, choosing from an array of adorable Cubcoats companions and dressing them in various outfits. This level of customization fosters a strong sense of connection and ownership, making each user’s journey truly unique. As they progress through the island, they can unlock new accessories and achievements, fueling their excitement and motivating them to explore further.


The gamified experience of Cubcoats not only provides entertainment but also enhances cognitive abilities and creativity in children. By combining the joy of imaginative play with interactive challenges, we’ve created an enchanting world that brings families together and leaves a lasting impression on young minds. With every visit to the Cubcoats island, children and their parents discover a place where learning and fun intertwine, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.


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