Cube Master

Cube Master

Become the most successful cube solver!

Do you have what it takes to solve amazing maze paint puzzles? Are you ready to think inside of the box cube for a change? Pain the cube and make your way around the cube by coloring the path to reach the satisfying salvation. Each move you make determines your fate: get to the end and move on to the next level or be stuck in the cube maze. Pain the 3D cube in this painting, logic, thinking and problem solving game. Become the most successful cube solver in the prestigious world of cubes!


Technologies: Unity, Photon Fusion, Playfab, Firebase, Vivox



– Move up, down, left and right to color maze paths

-Slide your way around the cube

– Paint the path in splendid colors

– Get to the end of the maze in as few moves as possible

– Unlock new challenges and skins

– Beat your own record




 – Cube Master 3D is suitable for all age groups

– Relaxing and satisfying game play that includes painting, thinking, logic and problem solving

– 3D graphics

– Fantastic color cubes, maze paint and color maze

– Paint the cube in beautiful colors

– New Cube Master 3D challenges as you reach new levels

– Color mazes get progressively harder to beat






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