Donut Maker

Donut Maker

Get the chance to be the richest of all and rule the kingdom!

This game is among one of the top dessert making games in the game market and its category makes it the best in top baking and desserts games.

Play this game and bake the most amazing and exciting Doughnuts with the best toppings and flavors and toss it into your master delighting food and serve it with add-ons like jellies ,cream, and toppings!

Unlike others, this game is not the usual bakery decoration game, it allows you to have a customized desserts experience that takes you through the process of making donuts just to get you the full experience!


Technologies: Unity

Just open our game and top your sizzling, delicious donuts with special toppings including flavored creams, whipped cream, chocolate chips and caramels. Indulge yourself in unlimited fun and our colorful game to bake best and yummy donuts for yourself and share it with your friends and family Start with choosing the batter of your choice, we have amazing combinations of batters

– Batter with Flour, Butter, Milk, Sugar and Eggs
– Mix the batter thoroughly
– Add the Flavors from our wide range of flavors
– Mix the material and toss into Baking Pans
– Bake the material to the ultimate heat
– Once the donuts are ready, Frost and Garnish it with our unlimited number of toppings including
– Caramels, Chocolates, Bananas, Lemon and other sweet items
– Berries, fruits and honey
– Cream, sour cream and tarts flavors


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