Flight Tracker - Track Airlines

Whether you’re a flyer or an aviation enthusiast, this app will come in handy.

Flight Tracker- Track Airlines

A handy app which helps you to track airlines whenever & wherever you want!


It’s a powerful flight tracking application that allows you to check the flight status of any aircraft by its flight number, airline, registration, or route. This means, you can get the real-time information about the flight and view the live map displaying airplanes traveling around the globe.



Technologies: Xcode, Swift



The flight app uses smart technology, clean interface and informative in-design features presented in an extremely professional way.


  If your loved one, friend, or colleague is traveling to visit you, thanks to “Flight Tracker” you’ll know exactly when they step off the plane. As a passenger, you can keep an eye on your flight’s details directly in the application.


– Track commercial flights and biplanes all over the world

– Search for a specific flight number, airline, or destination

– View detailed flight information, including aircraft characteristics, flight route and schedule

– Add the flight information to “My Flights” and “My Airports” to quickly access it later

– Get up-to-date information on departure or arrival times, airport time zone, map and weather conditions


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