Phone Cleaner

Phone Cleaner

Powerful and easiest photo cleaning application for your device!

Nowadays, we are generating truly staggering amounts of data, and almost everyone needs to optimize their phone storage to free up space and organize content. With our app, you can easily manage your library by searching and deleting duplicate photos (incl. live, burst), screenshots, similar pictures and videos in one click.


Cleaner Pro not only cleans your device but also supports your battery. Find the details on how to extend the life of your iPhone battery in the app yourself!


Cleaner Pro also creates a secure space for storing private information. You can use safe spaces for photos and contacts and be assured that NO privacy concern will arise within our app.


Technologies: Unity, Facebook SDK, After Effect


– Easy-to-use duplicate photo Cleaning feature.

– Deleting multiple photos taken in one place.

– Deleting videos that take too much space.


Ready to start taking care of your device and optimize it today? Download and enjoy our Phone Cleaner app!

You can use the secret storage section in our application without being a member. To use the Duplicated photos, large videos and screenshots sections, you must be a monthly or annual member.


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