Save the buddy

Save the Buddy

Avoid dumb ways to die by coping up with difficult scenarios!

Save the Buddy: Cut the Rope & Save Them All app presents you with different scenarios in which you need to use your brain and strategize the best moves to avoid dumb ways to die. Your buddy is hanging up in the air, being held by ropes. With the swipe of your finger, cut the ropes and free your buddy. But be careful. Look for other deadly obstacles around the room. 


Watch out for killer spikes, hungry animals, angry security guards and more. Your mission is not only to save the girl, save the boy, save the buddy, but also to make sure all deadly obstacles are taken care of before you free your buddy. Swing the rope, slice it and escape the room. 


Technologies: Unity, Facebook SDK, After Effect

How to play Save the Buddy: Cut the Rope & Save Them All:

Your main goal is to free and save the buddy. 

📍Your buddy is tied up in ropes and hanging from the ceiling. 

📍Cut the rope to release your buddy. 

📍Deadly obstacles are placed on the walls and the floor, so make sure to get rid of those first. Otherwise they kill the buddy. 


Features of Save the Buddy: Cut the Rope & Save Them All app:

✳️ Easy one-hand controls

✳️ Beautiful 3D graphics

✳️ Free to play

✳️ Amazing visuals elements and enemies

✳️ Solve brain teasers and go on hero rescue missions

✳️ Unlock new skins and choose your buddy

✳️ Win rewards when you complete challenges

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