Viral Sounds

Viral Sounds

Viral Sounds app shows you the popular users with huge followings and the names of the sounds they use in their posts.If you want to find out what's viral in your region, you can filter the videos by your location.In addition, all the sounds are divided into various categories and can be saved to your collection for later use. Pick your video theme and we've got you covered. Be creative and get your big break!


Explore dozens of popular profiles and hot sounds. Hop on and increase your popularity!


Choose your location or the area you’re interested in and discover the selection of the latest popular music to get inspired and appeal to your audience.


Whether you want to join a challenge or find a particular music genre, don’t worry about a thing. Trending Sounds offers a wide range of categories to explore, so you’ll definitely come across a trending sound you’d love to use.


Save the sounds you like to your collection and use them when you’re ready to join the fun.


Search our extensive collection to find the perfect sound to complement your video.


You can enable notifications to receive updates on the current trending sounds.



Tech Stack: Unity, Unreal Engine, Photon Fusion, Firebase, Playfab

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