Water Reminder & Tracker

Water Reminder & Tracker

Control your fluid consumption with Drink Water Reminder Tracker!

 If you wish, you can record your daily liquid consumption in the application with the wide range of beverage options of the application. Thus, the application generates statistics of your fluid consumption and displays these statistics to you with graphs. Stay healthy with Drink Water Reminder: Tracker!



Technologies: Unity, Photon Fusion, Playfab, Firebase, Vivox



Do you want to regulate your water consumption, but do you constantly forget to drink water due to the complexity of daily life? Drink Water Reminder: Tracker sends notifications to remind you to drink water while you focus on your daily work. In this way, you will now be able to reach your daily water consumption target.




According to experts, it is necessary to drink at least eight glasses of water a day for a healthy life. Set yourself a daily water drinking goal and enter your goal into the app. Thus, the application adjusts your reminders according to your goal and sends you notifications.




Personalize your app experience by entering your daily fluid consumption information on the Drink Water Reminder: Tracker. Choose what you consume from hundreds of beverage types included in the application and enter the amount. So the app will start adjusting your notifications accordingly.




Track your water intake easily with Drink Water Reminder: Tracker. The application creates daily, monthly and annual fluid consumption charts based on the data you enter. By examining these charts, you can check your progress and take measures such as starting to consume more water. Thus, you will improve your water consumption and your health will be in order.




After you start using Drink Water Reminder: Tracker, you will be able to view how your daily water consumption has reached your goals from the application statistics. Meeting your daily water needs will also positively affect your health, well-being and skin beauty. It will also help you lose weight if you are on a diet.

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