Tap Eggs

The Adventure of TimTim Game

Tap Eggs

A new chasing and challenging game!

Help this TimTim angry Mama bird as she is in quest to save her eggs from the snatchers. she has the motherly responsibility to land eggs to the nests built in trunks on the ground in order to save them.

The other evil birds including tough eagles, wicked brids and angry pigs have made up their team against TimTim in this Epic arcade game with full of adventures.

All the eggs eating enemies birds have built up their team against TimTim bird as she goes in the ultimate chase of saving her precious and loved eggs from all the other birds which are ready for the destruction of TimTim Bird eggs.


Technologies: Unity

This game is specially developed to check your tackling, tapping and attention to game play skills

Game Features:
– Simple one touch controls that allows to drop eggs with a tap on the screen
– Intuitive and user-friendly game play
– Easy and fun to play, but also a tough challenge to fully master to score higher and beat scores of your friends
– Stunning and aesthetic graphics: beautifully detailed world comes to life on Mobile and tablets


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