TV Remote Universal Control

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TV Remote Universal Control

Enjoy a happy streaming with this app!


Always losing your TV remote? Tired of buying replacements or changing remote control batteries? This app is the solution to all these problems, use it and enjoy a happy streaming. 

Technologies: Xcode, Swift


 “TV Remote – Control Universal” is an amazing tool that will turn your iPhone or iPad into a TV Remote with no fuss. No additional hardware is needed. Control the navigation and menu options on your TV as if you were using your physical remote.



To use this app, make sure your Smart TV and your iPhone/iPad are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once you open the app and select the TV you want to control, you need to accept the message that appears on your TV screen


Key features: 

  • Power control On/Off 
  • Menu Navigation
  • (Up/Down, Left/Right)
  • Channel Lists (Up/Down)
  • Playback Control (Play/Pause/Stop/Reverse/Fast Forward)
  • Volume Control (Up/Down, Mute/Unmute)
  • Touch Bar (Easy Navigation)
  • Smart Casting (Photos & Videos)

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