Sniper OPS

A high quality sniper shooting game set up in multiple environments across hundreds of challenging missions and tasks

The user takes the role of a military veteran who is sent on various vigilante missions across the world. The goal is to eradicate crime and keep civilians safe.


We set out to create the best Sniper Shooting Game on the AppStore. The monetisation model of the game is extremely strong and engages the user over months of game play.


The game also features more that 36 upgradeable weapons, 10 different environments and hundreds of challenging missions


The missions include but are not limited to: high profile targets eliminations, hostage situations, gang violence, bounty hunting, military convoys, helicopter missions, busy highways, sunny streets etc.


Tech Stack: Unity, Unreal Engine, Photon Fusion, Firebase, Playfab

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Our highly professional and creative art team designed the environments, levels, weapons and the killer UI for the game. Our team of expert game developers brought life to the design. Reach out to us if you’d like to get a custom made Sniper Shooting game built out for you.

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